CCA has been, in the past years, regularly training youngsters, boys and girls, in choral singing and in "four-part harmony" along with professional orchestra and playback artistes and pre-recorded music. The First Concert was performed in 1988 at the "Narada Gana Sabha", Chennai, conducted by the Founder-Composer with 60 professional musicians and a 50 voice-choir. Every year, during the Lenten Season and Christmas, CCA Choir has been performing in different Churches and musical platforms.
Every year CCA organizes, various competitions, such as singing, musical instruments playing, poetry writing etc., for all categories of physically challenged children along with normal children. It is worth mentioning that the physically challenged children have excelled in almost all the competitions.
In order to help the younger generation to learn music properly, Dr. Shyaam has compiled a Music Book, 'YESU PUGAZH PAADUVOM' with both Indian and Western notations. Later he brought out a DVD on the life of Christ, 'Rose of Sharon'. And on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of CCA in 2011, a CD, 'VENN PURAA' (White Dove) was released.
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