How can you Involve ?
How to Contribute ?
As a viewer of this website, there are several ways in which you can involve yourself with the Vision and Mission of CCA.
  • The first thing you can do about is, to tell others about CCA and its activities and pass on the Website link to your friends and those whom you think will be interested in the activities of CCA.
  • If you know some physically challenged children with certain talents or aptitude for music you can bring them to us so that we can help those children in a way that will be possible.
  • If you are yourself interested in music, and if you can spare your time, you can contact CCA and see how your talents can be utilized in encouraging the talented children.
  • If you are a singer, you can join the CCA choir which will perform during Christmas and Lent and other regular performances.
  • If you know of persons and companies who would be interested in supporting the cause of CCA, you can introduce them to CCA.
  • You can generously contribute to CCA for this noble cause and to enlighten the physically challenged Society. You can contribute in the form of a Demand Draft or Cheque in favor of Christian Cultural Academy payable at Chennai, India and mail across the same to :

    Dr. Shyaam
    AO Dwaraka Apartments,
    #19, Puliyoor IInd Main Road,
    Kodambakkam, Chennai – 600 024
    Tamilnadu, India.
    Ph No: +91 44 23725370, +91 44 42134899.
    or through online Fund transfer as mentioned below. Overseas Donors are kindly requested to contact CCA by E-mail before making the donation.
    Account Name: Christian Cultural Academy
    Account No: 05320100002399
    Bank Name: Bank of Baroda, Thiyagarayar Road,
    T-Nagar Branch, Chennai, India.
Classical music helps a person to be disciplined in all respects and also brings a person closer to Gods, especially when performed in one's own mother tongue. Above all, the classical music as an art form occupies the peak position among all forms of art.
Indian Music refines one's soul and emotions, because it has been subjected to a Grammar of Music. Therefore, parents, schools and churches can play an effective role in moulding the children of the present generation to carry forward the rich traditions of Indian Music. It is our responsibility to help our children learn, attain perfection and emerge as musicians and composers, which will contribute to the integration of this country, in the near future.
Composers such as Vedanayagam Sastriar, Abraham Pandithar, H.A. Krishna Pillai, P.A. Sathiasatchy, Dayanandan Francis and several others have composed brilliant lyrics for us. But, how many of those lyrics are being sung in our churches these days? It is paining to note that the art of singing of Keerthanais among our children is fading away.
So, let all of us revive and restore our glorious Keerthanais and sing them with real rhythm and flavor. Let us prepare our children to attain this.
For this purpose, the book of music, 'Yesu Pugazh Paaduvom' is the only book consisting of some of the best music composed by many stalwarts of music, which will be very useful in learning how to sing our traditional Keerthanais.
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Dr.Samuel Joseph(Shyaam)
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Dr. Shyaam
AO Dwaraka Apartments,
#19, Puliyoor IInd Main Road,
Trustpuram, Kodambakkam,
Chennai – 600 024.
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